Live Q & A with Reddhorrocks and Twistedweb123 - September 10 @ 3pm EST (12pm PST & 8pm GMT)


Reply to @natalieab:
They def. need to offer a download option then. Thanks for replying!


Reply to @hanumancraft: You will need to support yourself to raise your rating. You will need to gain more sales with excellent reviews and your rating will slowly go up. No one else can really help you with this. Promote your gigs on social media, seek out buyer requests and provide your clients with the best possible service and a guarantee of satisfaction or mutual cancellation.

Once you get your rating past 95% you will have more ability to dictate how you want to handle customers but in the meantime you may have to go above and beyond for some time.


Reply to @kadeblizzard: What do you mean by illegal words? What part of Fiverr? For general gig usage you may want to read the Fiverr Terms of Service and for the forums you want to read the forum Do’s and Dont’s. Otherwise you will have to explain what you mean. I doubt there is any need for tears, just some time reading.


Excellent insights. Thanks for sharing today. Nice to actually see a face rather than just listening to a podcast. I hope you do more of these video presentations.


I want to know, why can’t I transfer my earned funds to my paypal account?