Live Sports Betting | $5 Investments


I eat and breathe sports… and I’m going to put my talent to good use for you! I will use your $5 to bet on live sports games and give you the greatest chance for return. I have different betting styles that you can choose from. Aggressive styles and passive styles. I can turn your $5 into $10 with in minutes, or hours depending on how aggressive you want me to be. I will update you every time a bet has gone through and I will text you a picture of the outcome. I will also give you the option for me to keep going or for you to cash out. If you choose to cash out I will transfer the money directly to your paypal.

I will not be using your $5 for casino style games… There is no luck involved, its strategic bets placed off the knowledge I have in sports. I mainly bet on live games, so I can bet all throughout the day and provide you with pictures. I will only take a 10% commission off of what I earn you. You can’t beat that. That means if I use your $5 and win you $5 more… I only take .50 cents and you literally lose nothing, because you can cash out $9.50. If you have any question please feel free to message me! If you are skeptical, I can explain it better to you by chat.