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Live update massages


I think it is easy for buyers and sellers if massages are update live when communicating each other under an order. Without this feature, I need to look at email and refresh the current fiverr page or click on the link in the email.

So it is easy if it is updating live when a new massage arrived.

Thank you.

That takes up a lot of resources to program it that way. Instead, you can click refresh which takes only seconds. If you get a new message it will show upon refresh.

My 2 cents would be not to tax the system with unwarranted dynamic refreshes. From a web developer and programmer perspective it is not worth the small convenience. Again, just my 2 cents.

umm i think it will be easy if set an iframe for messages and refresh the iframe every x seconds.

or with ajax, it can be set to show just after receive a new message. since javascript runs client side it will not vanish server bandwidth. this can be developed. for me it is easy. i don’t know y u are unfamiliar with it.

i agree with jrmkr1 it’s strongly recommended.