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Live Video Support

I know the rules state that you cannot speak outside of fiverr but one of my customers said that he was having a big of trouble understanding something.

So, I invited him into a skype session.

He was so pleased with the information and even gave me feedback that I needed to do a quick video explaining the data.

This was so nice to hear and so nice to get feedback like this.

I reckon fiverr should allow some sort of video support.

This was a great experience.

I just hope you got permission before you invited him to a Skype session. Fiverr does allow it with written permission. If you didn’t have that and they locate where/how you invited a buyer to outside contact, you could be in deep. I would suggest that if you really need this before Fiverr creates an inside way, you’d better get them to OK it as a necessary part of your gigs.