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LivePortfolio for my gig - HowTo


I am one of those sellers that, for the kind of selled gigs, doesn’t know how to use LivePortfolio.

I’m a software developer, so my “products” are EXE files or source code packages… nothing that can be linked in any way to LivePortfolio (see

Is there a way I can use it? What can you suggest me?

I saw a seller having a custom background image on which a kind of “delivered to …” text is written above, so this can be linked to LiveProtfolio. Is this a way?

Can this hels to make my gig more “cool”?

Thanks for any suggestion.


What about opening the program you created for the buyer, then taking a screenshot of it and put the program name or program type on the image?


Reply to @musiclover: uhm, I’m not sure that my buyers will be happy for this. Naturally they can choose if goes live to portfolio… well, this could be an idea, thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: That’s true. Some buyers are private people. Some buyers (newbies) may not know how to disable the live portfolio, then say something after the order is complete. By then it’ll be too late to remove it unless they contact support. Its ultimately up to you though. :slight_smile:


Hey @mark74 Marco, take a look at my gigs. I have an SEO gig and I post screenshots with the HTML code. I also programmed a PHP script and took a screenshot of the code.

If you need to show potential buyers how your EXE works, take a screencast and deliver that first to the buyers so your other buyer can see it in motion on your Live portfolio. Then, deliver the EXE in a separate gig message.

Works for me.



Reply to @arnevb: amazing!!! Thank you so much for the idea, I think I’m going to draw something (possibly cool, but I’m not so good with “art”) and use just like you… or you own the copyright for the idea?!! :smiley:

I don’t know if it really helps selling, but it’s cool :slight_smile:


Reply to @hotwebideas: thanks Bruce, I’ll give it a try… seems really cool. I don’t know if it really helps selling, but it’s cool :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thanks obg!!! Just a question: how can you remember all these answers and find them? :wink:


How about keeping “tips” that you find saved and organized in Evernote.


Reply to @musiclover: oh i didn’t know buyers can disable the live portfolio :o this explains alot thanks :smiley: