LOADS of fetish.... :)


Lol… i wasn’t quite sure if i should of should not post this, but since its a ranting pot and its happening so frequently im thinking, why not? :slight_smile:

Firstly, i want to say i have absolutely nothing against fetishes… i think everyone has their own right to do exactly what pleases them as long as its not hurting anyone unwillingly in the process.

Iv noticed fiverr is some kind of haven for the fetish lovers :slight_smile:

Im very glad they can find what they r looking for right here, isnt fiverr just lovely :slight_smile:

Personally, Iv had request to lick my own feet or have man do it for me. Iv had multiple requests for pictures of the sole of my feet (more than 7 different people has asked me for these kind of gig). Iv had one person ask me to pop balloons in underwear/lingerie or as stated ‘preferably without any cloths at all’. Iv had sumone ask me to not shave and take pictures of myself sniffing my armpits… Iv had a person ask me to pie myself in the face (yupp, all these are infact fetishes) and more… the list is endless.

So… whats the point of this rant? Well, i just want my fellow fiverr family to know that this is very common and even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with fetishes in themselves, i do think its important that everyone involved is AWARE of the sexual nature of whats going on and that many of these gigs will be used in a sexual ways, as the buyer usually doesnt make that clear for us sellers. Iv actually done gigs like this without realizing until later… and that kind of makes me very uncomfortable.

Thats all, rant over :slight_smile: carry on :stuck_out_tongue:



You know that reminds me of a-- achoo

Out of curiosity, anyone ever ask for a video of you sneezing? Yeah, that’s another.


@ madmoo:

Thanks dear! Ur very right.

Oh how i wish i could change that stupid username of mine. It was actually a friend who initially signed me up and i told him he could choose any user name silly me… i never thought id actually get into fiverr and start making sales.

Wish there was a way to change it.

Anyhow… I wasnt really intending to make people with fetishes look bad in any way… or even ask for advice how to avoid them, experience has kind of taught me that by now :wink:

I just decided to post this so that people who do get similar requests are aware (as iv even seen younger sellers do this kind of gigs - probably unaware). Then, they choose to do however they like. At least they know what they r agreeing to :slight_smile:



Reply to @aboredrichguy: Sneezing? :open_mouth: no… thats a new one!!!