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Local Bank Transfer or Paypal [ARCHIVED]

Hello Friends,

I am From India

I want to get suggested. I have not transfered my money yet. I have two options

  1. paypal
  2. Local Bank Transfer

    Before when there was only option paypal at that time when any indian transfer the money they did not get full $4, they get $3.92.

    I want to know how much money will deduce, If I transfer money using “Local Bank Transfer” ?

    Please guide me.


The Local Bank Transfer withdrawal charges would be as following:

Account set up is free.

Transfer to your bank account is $5.95 per transfer each time a bank transfer is made.

USD to INR conversions are up to 3% of transaction amount per transfer Each time a bank transfer is made.

Paypal is only the good option.

Because once money goes to paypal, paypal will withdraw it to bank for free.



i reccomend paypal because they don’t charge you for the withdrawal but people who Donot have PAN card can opt payoneer, they won’t ask for PAN card…

Regards HK

Go for paypal, I’m from India too :slight_smile:

Fiverr to paypal transfer takes 1$ and from paypal to local bank ac free :slight_smile:

Paypal is the best option