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Local broadband connection

Hi, I am a Fiverr user from Jan 2017. From then to till now I browse Fiverr through my phone’s data connection. I set up hotspot on my phone and connect my laptop with that. But it costs me huge. Now I want to get a new local broadband connection. The problem is with the ISP. There is only 1 ISP in our locality. I asked him which type of connection he will provide me, Dedicated IP or Shared IP. He can’t tell me anything specific. He doesn’t have any knowledge about IP. Now my question is what will happen if he provide me a shared IP connection. Note that, that connection will used only by me.
Please help me about this concern.
Thank you.


The cost of using data connection will be “expensive” if you do not have income.

I believe every product has advantages and disadvantages. Your choice is in your hands, and make sure you understand the product you will use.