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Local News Reports on Fiverr

We have two news agencies here where I live, and one of them mentioned Fiverr has a go-to option for logos, content and more. Great, right?! In a way, yes. I learned that a couple of well-known local companies have been using Fiverr to get their Logos done.

However, I wanted to make mention that being a seller wasn’t all it was cracked up to be in case someone was thinking it would be a great place. So, I posted about how you could make money as a seller but there were drawbacks to it including the monthly evaluations that screw us over for cancellations that are not our fault (This is the biggest issue I have with this stupid monthly evaluation). I also mentioned the dreaded chargebacks that sellers seem to get stuck with.

I heard back from the man who runs it, who thanked me for more insight into the company.

I’m not against Fiverr, but am against the latest moves it’s been making. Sure, it’s a place to get great things at a low price but there’s a reason it’s got such a terrible BBB rating. It earned that, and no matter how many changes it makes with the site including the introduction of Pro, it won’t change for the better unless it changes some policies and implements a go-between for sellers and buyers.

The site admin has ignored the sellers’ cry to add an accept or decline button, only hurting us even further when a buyer orders for a service we don’t provide and we have no choice but to cancel. It allows buyers to abuse us to get free work, as many know they can bully us, go to CS and lie to have the order canceled - Free work for them and bad for us sellers.

The reality is that changes have to begin at the top if sellers are to see any trickle down positive effect. And, that goes for any organization.

Was I glad to see this news report do something about Fiverr? Sure, but I wanted to make sure everybody understood that while it’s a great place to get good stuff, the site was making changes that not everybody is aware of. (Non-announced $2 fee.)


Yes, there are some changes day by day on the site. A good post. Some of them are bad and some are great.

@emeraldawnn Thanks for your post. :grinning:

I don’t know what town you live in or the article you are referring to, but I do know that you hit the nail on the head for the need of a fair and just process to address the cancellation issue.

Top Buyers bully Sellers into providing additional work for free by threatening a cancellation. Blatantly. They know that Sellers’ ratings will be negatively impacted, and leverage this by placing an order and then after completing the Buyer Requirements, add scope to the project. The “new addition” is clearly an additional fee, and the Top Buyer knows this and waits to add it until after the order is underway. They refuse the Add-On and threaten to cancel - even stating - “this will hurt your search ranking.”

Of course, sometimes it is a new Buyer who does not know how the platform works, and unwittingly places a duplicate order. It seems that a fair procedure for all parties would be the adoption of a Mutual Cancellation where the cancellation is due to Buyer error and does not negatively impact the Seller’s analytics.

This seems to be the top issue in the Forum.

I’m not aware of the $2 fee – is this a fee that Buyers have to pay in addition to the stated gig price?

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Each individual has a different experience on Fiverr. Some experience amazing success, some get no sales, and most people are between those two extremes.

These changes Fiverr has made are outside of our control. There are great sellers who have been demoted, people who have lost everything and have been forced to do other things.

I used to be so angry about it, but now I’m getting paid to walk dogs on the Rover app. Had to pay $30 for a background check, but this couple hired for to walk their 2 dogs three times a day, for 4 days, $18 an hour per dog, and I’m gonna make $300 after Rover takes their 20%. I guess 20% is the standard online freelancer fee.

Everyone told me, adapt or die, diversify your income, etc. I had to listen to their advice even though I didn’t want to.

Maybe someday Fiverr will change again, but I’m done waiting for Fiverr to be the way I want it to be.


I’ll second that. I delved into the search last evening to look for new gig ideas. I used to look for best selling gigs in different niches and see what they were offering that I could offer also. This time, I couldn’t make head or tails of anything.

  • Best sellig gigs were largely for gigs like I will promote your video on Youtube to 1000’s of real users. - Yeah right.
  • Others were, (as I predicted) either low quality videos and article services which people either outsource or have some kind of automated system to put together
  • People I thought offered great gigs had something appalling like the same number of reviews for the past 60-days as I have

I then realized that the entire past 10-months have been for nothing. Every time I gave up my weekend to satisfy a buyer from hell. Every time I stayed up God knows how late revising orders FOC. Every time I’ve negotiated with buyers when really I should have said “on your bike, wierdo.” - It has all resulted anyway in all my gigs looking like some of the worst selling on Fiverr with absolutely no social proof behind them.

As far as I’m concerned, Fiverr has now broken the most sacred of freelancer trust rules. In fact, I will go as far as to say that I feel professionally violated.

Conversely, in the process of rebooting a platform I haven’t used for ages, I’m finding lots of new changes that I like. Do I want to embed this code on my website and pay 0% commission on any clients I bring to the platform? Damn right I do!

Like you say, you have to move on and let Fiverr keep on being the faux egomaniac empire which it seems to think it is. This time, though, I’m not letting it fly. People need warning about what really goes down here and how much utter contempt Fiverr has for its so-called doers.


Don’t know about that, there are best selling gigs in every category, but some things are more popular than others.

I know how you feel, today I declined a revision request. I told him in a very polite way that I gave him quality work and I can’t do no better. I’ll probably end up with a bad review or a revision request. If I could revise his work, I would, but in this case, I can’t.

Have you gotten any clients from that? I do have a website, but the topic has nothing to do with advertising so sharing my Fiverr gigs there would be a waste of time. My readers aren’t looking for the things I sell here. It would be like advertising steak on a vegan website, a waste of time.

Before I joined Fiverr, I read reviews about the platform. I saw scary things like “I had $300 on my balance and Fiverr cancelled my account.” My experience has been a lot better, in spite of the demotion, I can’t complain about the platform stealing from me.

My issue is your issue, the platform we knew and loved ended up changing, and the changes didn’t benefit us. Now we just have to live with Fiverr 2.0.

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I haven’t set this up yet. However, it doesn’t really matter what your website nice is. You simply tweak your author bio/about page to say: "look at that hot as :poop: content on my website! Did you know you can have hot as :poop: content on your website too? Just hire me by clicking here."

Alternatively, you can invite people to publish a paid guest post. My website was up a week and I struck a deal with one of the Internet’s biggest cryptocurrency news portals. - You’ve just got to click your magic marketing clogs together and come up with a clever idea.

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Guest posting has made me a bit of money, by that I mean people pay me to publish articles on their blog, but most are doing it to build their SEO, maybe get some traffic, link building, etc. I try to publish only things that are relevant to my blog.

What you did with the cryptoccurency news portals is brilliant. I guess for me is different, because I’m a copywriter and other copywriters aren’t interested in giving me publicity. Copywriters rarely refer or share clients, I’m the exception.

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