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Local time settings: Automatic Change?


Hey, guys.

Do you know about time zone things here on Fiverr? Recently I moved to the US from Kazakhstan, and my time zone has changed. Will the Fiverr automatically change my local time settings or will it show my previous Kazakhstani time to my clients? I just want to show my real local time.


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Pretty sure it does. It seems to change with clock changes for summer/winter, so maybe it goes by the time on your computer/device? I have no idea. I have noticed a few “American” sellers with dubious time zones that would be more at home on the Indian subcontinent as well.

LOL. What a tangled web we weave…


Скорее всего поменяет автоматически. По крайней мере в путешествии у меня было так. но страну лучше поменять в Account Settings. Мы нечто вроде Мордора в головах большинства заказчиков ( если буде США будет больше заказов