Locating certain group of buyers


Hello everyone. I would say I’m relatively new over here for about one week and I already have 9 orders so far with repeating orders as well. So, my gigs offer services closely related to new authors who would like to promote their books. Is there any way Fiverr or Fiverr users could promote communication between certain group of buyers and how do we best locate them? I’m still refurbishing my gigs. Would changing the title of gig affects the impression of buyers? because I just noticed today that the title remains the same even if we made changes to it.


The title shouldn’t remain the same if you make changes to it, never experienced that.

And there is no specific way at targeting these groups apart from using a good title and tags/keywords.


The URL for the title, sorry. The URL remains the same but title changes when we make changes.


thanks for the feedback :smiley: