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Location and nationality are different. Why doesn't Fiverr recognise this?

I am British.
I was born in the UK.
I have a British passport and remain a British citizen.
I am recently retired, having spent my entire career in the UK.

However, according to my Fiverr profile, I am Malaysian. Why? Ask Fiverr. I already have asked them, and apparently, the ‘From’ field on our profile page cannot be edited/changed/corrected as it is based on an IP address.

It is the case that nowadays, in my retirement, I am a bit of a digital nomad. And I probably did setup my Fiverr account while I was travelling in Malaysia. But that does not make me Malaysian.

The problem with the Fiverr Profile is it states explicitly ‘From’. ‘From’ implies nationality. This is important for my field of work as I proofread/edit student’s work. It is my experience that non-native speakers want an editor who is a native English speaker.

Fiverr’s customer service state:

“Your account location is set based on your current geographical location, and updates periodically. If the system is able to change your account location, it will be changed automatically. We are not able to manually change it for you. I would recommend that you try logging out and back into your Fiverr account, then waiting 24 hours and checking your account location again.”

I have done as they suggested, but my location remains incorrect.

I have no problem with Fiverr wanting to know my current location. However, I do have a problem with Fiverr misleading potential buyers by stating a seller is ‘from’ a place rather than currently travelling. I also have no problem with Fiverr verifying my nationality via a passport upload or something similar. But to respond with ‘computer says no’ is extremely unprofessional and misrepresents hardworking sellers to prospective customers.


I’m really sorry for this
But I guess if you travel back you uk the location is going to change automatically

That’s the problem. It doesn’t. And if you search this issue on these forums, you will find that it has been troublesome for many people over the years. However, Fiverr have never done anything about it. I find it baffling. Hopefully, it will be rectified soon.

You raise a very valid point. I can think of two important reasons why.

  1. Rightly or wrongly, there appears to be a significant discrepancy between what a seller in countries like the US / UK / Europe can charge vs some other countries / continents (I’m not going to list those incase it is perceived to be a negative callout). In my opinion you are far more likely to receive orders and achieve a higher order / fee rate in the US / UK / Europe.

  2. For some services, such as writing, proofreading and language teaching skills, people do prefer a native English speaker. Therefore if Fiverr shows you as being from a non-native country, then you are again far more less likely to receive an order for these services.

I can understand why you’d be annoyed. You are on the back foot through no fault of your own other than signing up to Fiverr while overseas.


I agree they should update it so it shows the correct country (re-check IP address). Or at least put “Location” there instead of “From”. You could wait some time and if it’s still wrong you could reply to the ticket/ask CS again about it (as long as it doesn’t seem like spam - try to reply in the same ticket).

Be careful of the rules with that though. “Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers” is against the Terms of Service.

That’s very interesting, and I hadn’t thought of the first point you make. It absolutely makes sense that Fiverr need to ensure sellers are from where they claim to be from. I understand them using people’s IP addresses as part of their due diligence. But it should be just one of the tools in their armoury, not the only one. I think my suggestion of an identity check (i.e. passport upload), might help mitigate this problem.


I was looking for this topic !

I am French but currently working and living in Japan, I wish there was a way for me to display my nationality rather than the current place I am settled in, which does not make any sense given the fact it is a platform about digital services.

WHERE you deliver does not matter at all. Though, nationality might be an important element for a buyer to choose you amongst other sellers, especially for services requiring native level of language.


Yes, that’s all I am asking for. I just want the profile to be clear and accurate.

That’s my plan. Hopefully, it will update in the meantime.

Absolutely. I totally agree. I only edit existing drafts of Personal Statements. Third-party proofreading is actually encouraged by organisations like UCAS. I have never accepted any requests for writing essays or dissertations.

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Though even if organisations are okay with proofreading academic work I wouldn’t add a gig for that unless Fiverr says they’re okay with it (it might come under “preparing academic work” if any corrections were made to them).

Except for certain gigs and that’s whey have the “local sellers” option or seller country option eg. a local photographer/videos shot in a particular country/place.

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You made a very good point, I did not think of that. Well I guess the best option for sellers would be to have both nationality AND current localization displayed on their profile !

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Well, there is a way :wink: you just can’t control it or ask for it.
If or when fiverr will ask you to confirm your identity they will change it to the place where your ID was issued. (Or your nationality)


I think there’s something wrong in the way they said it works.

I’m brazilian but i created my account when i was in france, and never was in my home land since when. I logged out and in for 7 months in France and UK but it never changed, i’m still From brazil there an i have some timezone issues.

Clients think i’m sleeping when i’m not and send me messages when i’m sleeping :man_facepalming:

I sent a message to the custom service and i post the answer here.