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Location, location, location

I am an American currently living in Mexico. I have been here for 7 months and my Fiverr profile lists me as being from Mexico. I visited the states for 3 days recently and my profile didn’t change. I was still listed as being from Mexico.

My question is this: When I move back to America in 2 weeks, what do I have to do to get my profile to say I live in the USA?

The reason this is an issue for me is because my gigs involve proofreading and writing blog articles and I am certain that my sales have suffered because people see the country of origin and assume I can’t speak English well enough to write for them. I have a friend who’s law firm wanted to hire me to write some articles for their blog, but they almost passed me by because they assumed English is my second language.

So, again…what do I have to do, once I’m back in the USA, to make my profile read that I’m from America?

i think that you have to contact the Customer Support for this

I hope cs can help you out. They couldn’t help me out. I am supposed to have a US flag as well.
They said the flags update automatically through the system and its done periodically. Not sure what they meant. Good luck

Once you get back to America, if your profile flag doesn’t automatically change, you can ask Customer Support for assistance.

You can also write on your profile page that you’re an American currently living in Mexico.