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Location of Sellers

I think that in the Search Box that there should be an option to filter by country.

And why ?

Absolutely! Not only that, fiverr needs to do a better job of confirming that the sellers are telling the truth regarding their location.

If you look at fiverrs traffic stats, you will notice that a lot of freelancers are from India, now if people would limit their searches to their own countries only, it would mean fiverr will lose a lot of money, and that’s a bad thing. Also, there are many people who communicate using a better English then some local people, so this is also not an issue.

I am for example from Europe but all services I offer are rendered in the US, in fact I am not even able to serve clients in my country due to the nature of the service, so another downside for both me and my clients (if they would filter by country)

One more downside: If there were flags and people would select their own countries only, it would mean that prices go up, because it is the lower income country sellers who make many deals possible. To some sellers 5$ are not worth picking up a task while for others 5$ can be 10% of their monthly income. So in the end it would also mean that when selecting your own country only, you would find less results and such deals would be more expensive.

A much better option would be to read gig descriptions intensively, as descriptions can tell a lot about sellers and their work. If you want to hire someone to do a spell check and the description gives away that this will be trouble due to spelling mistakes, you can already skip the gig and look for another. In the end what really helps is looking at the seller’s gig page and deciding from there.

May I ask what the benefits would be in your opinion if you could search by country?