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Location Problem!


Hello Friends,
This Leyakot75, i am from Bangladesh. I am new here. I was open an account on Fiverr 15 March 2017. My problem is showing location on my profile. ****. Guys how can i solve these problem???
I love Fiverr & i want to work here professionally. PLEASE HELP me


i’ve the same issue :innocent:



I am seeing “Italy” in your profile. What’s the matter?? :confused:

@leyakot75 You are saying: [quote=“leyakot75, post:1, topic:113529”]
i am from Bangladesh.

but i am seeing “Singapore” in your profile. Well that’s weird. Try to clear the cache from your browser. Try to change the country to your real country from the “Profile settings.” If nothing works, Contact CS. They will definitely help you! :slight_smile:


@iamsachmusic I’ve seen her post on Location is not correct.
@farwabanaras Follow the instructions given above .Hope it ll work.


you solve your problem or not??


Contact CS where this option???


You can find “CS Support” link in the footer section. Named as “Help” or “Customer Support”. OR you can use the drop down menu in your fiverr profile. Hope this helps!
PEACE! :smile:


thanks got this sir.
need some help from you as a beginner,
can you?


“CS Support” link in the footer section. Named as “Help” or “Customer Support”.


thanks friend, got it


Then what i said above in my message?? and you just copy paste my message. That’s really pathetic.


I am just referring to you, because are correct.


I was having this problem on my google chrome as well. But when I downloaded the mobile app, it automatically changed to my location and the problem did not occur again. I don’t really know the reason behind it.


It’s really fiverr bug


Check your IP. maybe alternative softwear changed your IP. contact CS support. they will help you.