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Location Unknown

Hi Forum Members,

Today I have visited a top-rated seller account. And I seen in their account location is showing unknown.

How is it possible? Can everyone use it, or What is the requirement to use it?

If I want to use it then How can I do?


Try clearing your browser cashe files. or use private Window. Location will be shown

I’ve seen that too. I don’t think it’s something you can choose. It may be a bug.

It’s not my bug. May be Fiverr, still not sure.

If it is bug, then Why it happen only one account?

It’s not just one. I’ve seen it on more than one. Bugs happen randomly.

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It’s just a bug, but sometimes fiverr team hides member since for some top rated sellers.

What makes you think that?

I checked some of those but I seen only one, so I told it.

Why? What is the main reason?

It’s on some here and there and I’ve only seen it on top rated ones for some reason.

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There showing the Location. What am I supposed to see?

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Yes it shows the location but doesn’t show member since

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Got it. It is a Fiverr Bug.

Very strange :innocent::innocent::innocent:

Yeap! Did you seen it yet? :slight_smile: