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Location Verification for Sellers

I propose Fiverr change their current way of verifying a seller’s location, which is obviously by IP address, which is a method which can very easily be gamed, and currently is been done by many many sellers.

I have contacted many many sellers based on the location their profile says they are in, but they that ends up being a lie.

So can Fiverr rather look into having sellers provide them with an identification issues in their country, as a means of proving their location. This might not be full proof, but it will significantly help.

Then I will stop wasting my time contacting people whom their profile tells me they are based in UK when they are based in India. This is so freaking frustrating.

Fiverr, you NEED to slowly start cleaning up your system before these things come back to bite you in the ass before your story goes the way of MySpace in relation to Facebook. or any other several examples.

Agreed! I feel like I’m being lied too and off the bat, I don’t trust who I’m contemplating buying from. Most sellers are terrible at hiding their broken English even though they say they’re from the U.S. so it makes me feel suspicious and hesitant to order from them. Fiverr, please take care of this, its hurting your sales. I can guarantee we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

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Strangely its also common that buyers claiming to be from U.S have difficulties communicating in English (doesn’t matter though, just can’t make sense of it).

I would support some sort of identity verification, preferably for all members as this could potentially decrease the amount of scammers on both sides.