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Log i from Multiple device


Can i log in my fiverr account from Multiple devices?
I heard from people that if we log in from multiple devices, fiverr banned account. Is it true?


Yes it is.

You can login from multiple devices to one account only. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well for a start, you shouldn’t have multiple accounts! If you do, you could get all of your accounts banned…


please do read my question again. now i have correct it


There won’t be any issues with using your account on different devices such as (Mobile App, Laptop, Home Desktop or Office Desktop).

Specifically, the main issue is that no user is allowed to have more than one account on Fiverr.


If more user (kind of a team) use one account then what will be the result?


It’s around 50/50. According to previous track record. If fiverr found, you’re account getting login from different IP address at the same time. Account may banned Or Live… So 50/50. you’ll be always in risk.


Don’t fiverr allow sellers working as a team?


I don’t think so. Fiverr team option is exclusive for buyers not Sellers. Which i get understand. May be i’m wrong :slight_smile:


Nope, I have found some sellers who are working as team. But I was looking for the answer if everyone of the team can log in into or run the same/one account.


Maybe you get mis-understand. Do you have any reference? Who have mentioned :He/She’s working as Team and they shown all team members fiverr user account?


I know sellers don’t have option to maintain team account like buyers. I didn’t get any seller having it. Those sellers whom I’ve found they mentioned in their review reply and profile introduction message that they are working as team.
May be I couldn’t explain. See I said, there will be only one account but it will be used by all members of the team from their own (different) device or location.


One account can be login at one location/IP. Yeah there are many company, Who’ve fiverr account. As you know company don’t run by single members :slight_smile: In that way, anyone can work with any numbers of team member. :smile: