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Log in bug anuone else experiencing


Anyone else keep being told that their user name password is not recognized? I have to keep resetting my password to log in. It wouldn’t let me use the password i changed it to a few hours ago recognizing it so the bug appears to be on Fiverrs end since it lets me in once i change it.


Yes I had the same issue today. Mine eventually resolved itself after approx. 2 hours. Did you happen to get the Captcha ?


No capcha. It just tells me it doesn’t recognize the email or password. I tell it to reset and it send the link to my email and then I reset and it lets me in. I went to log back in a little bit ago and it did it again with the new password. i had it send another link and it refused to allow me to use the password I just set it to, recognizing it was already in use. I was worried of a hack at first but it lets me in if I go through all of these steps and recognized the password from earlier when trying to change it so was hopeful it is on their end.


It was the same for me. After a 3rd password reset (always used new passwords) Captcha started appearing and it eventually went through.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue for you, you might want to reach out to customer support.


Thanks. I already sent a ticket in but I know sometimes it takes them a day or two to get back on those so came here hoping to see others having the issue so I wouldn’t get all stressed my account was somehow compromised.