Log in


I logged in and click remember me ,every 2 hrs I need to re enter my login info

Is there any admins here ?

Really guys it used to be so good .now it’s carp , fix the bugs for ipads


The new twist making you re-log-in started today as far as I noticed. Was a problem in the middle of the day (USA time), then worked for a while in the evening, but needed to log in again late tonight. And it affected me on a desktop computer with an always-on internet connection.


The new site you guys have is grate but it’s not working so well on iPad 2

Very jumpy and doing some crazy stuff , even when I type this messge it’s very hard .

Pls guys look at the site with iPad and see for ur selfs .

I do all my stuff on my pad , so pls check it


It’s really slow annoying


Any admins here to answer ?


Yeah, same thing has happened to me, my browser remembers my log in data but every time I close the window I am logged out of Fiverr even if I check remember me. Quite annoying but alas if this is the biggest problem any of us have today then we are having pretty good days!


I have to log in every single time I come to the new Fiverr.

In spite of checking the “remember me” box every time.

Very annoying. I have been happily using the old site and now

I’m trying to deal with the bugs I’m getting on the new site.