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Loga disign


:)>- i can do your all logg items


First, it’s Logo, not loga. Second, it’s logo, not logg. Even if you’re selling wooden stumps it’s not logg.

You have no active gigs. You may want to activate one before advertising.

Your profile “my name is akash isurindu. i have five years experiences about marking logo. as i think i can do your needs. if you want make logo photos please give me to done it. thank you…” is riddled with errors.

Try “My name is Akash Isurindu. I have five years experience making logos.” for the first part. In the rest I’m not sure what you’re actually saying.

Hope this helps you out a bit.


Yes, listen to @inkpetal. Copy/paste what she wrote for you, and apply what she advises you to do. Please don’t use the Tips section for publicity. I was going to write “for promotion”, but since you have no active gigs, you’re obviously trying to simply draw attention to yourself. Also, please take a moment to read the rules of this forum before posting in the wrong section. It is considered SPAM. Thanks.