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Logging with different devices I

I logged my Fiverr account in different devices, Because Im not in my home and I have a decks top. So I can’t go with it, So I used my friends laptops to work sometime. Will it ban my account?


No it will not be an issue.


If my friend create a Fiverr account on his laptop one day,will it be an issue?

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Check out this topic: Will it be a problem? Veterans please tell


Thank you, But I need a big explanation.

If you are going agains Fiver TOS then only it will be an issue. What is you are asking about is not against fiver TOS.

No, you can use your fiverr id in both Desktops.

Only if your friend is not on fiverr, if your friend is on fiverr and provides the same service like yours then it will be a problem though fiverr said it wont be.

As far as I know, one device is for one account. However, you can be banned if your account is logged in to multiple devices at the same time. It is best to use the device you have just logged in to. I think it is better not to log in to the previous device again. otherwise, you can take the help of Fiverr CS. Hope this was helpful for you

Rather than using Friend’s Laptop, use your mobile phone and use your own internet, because if you friend any person creates an account on same device or internet your account might be at risk.