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Login to Fiverr from Computer & Mobile at a time


Hey there! I want to sign in my Fiverr account from my Android phone & my desktop at a time. Because when I’m login in desktop, it is not showing me online after five / ten minutes & I’ve to refresh my browser.
Now I want to use the Fiverr app on my android and log in from android to show me online all the time. So I need to log in from both Desktop & Mobile at a time. Would it any problem to my account for login from two devices at a time?
Please suggest me.


I don’t think there’s an issue with that at all, I always log in on both devices at the same time.


To avoid any complication, kindly contact the fiverr Team


You have to be up and running the fiverr website either on a desktop or on the android. Simply logging in and not using the website won’t do the trick for you of showing you online for “24hrs”. There has to be some activity on the website for you to show online.

Hope this helps!!


@gabrielavila96 thanx for your sharing.