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Logo and graphic designer here!

Hi! I joined fiverr back then in 2016. I gave up soon after I join, it seems like overwhelming competition.

But let me try again here!
This is my profile.
I do logo design, facebook banner, business cards, flyer.



great post. thank you

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You can add 2 PDFs and also add a flicker portfolio link in the description

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I didnt realize that the PDF would work, I will assemble some for the gigs! Thanks for the input.

Check my ig with username graphicdesign(dot)idn

Usually if Fiverr filter out something like this, it’s for a reason, trying to get around their filters won’t help you. It will eventually be noticed by Fiverr staff and/or reported by a user.

Thanks! I hope they could attract potential buyers.

Ok I see… I have edit the post. I kinda put this too in the gig description. Is it allowed in the gig description?

you also missed out the “h” there, rendering it not as hyper as they could be

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Thanks for pointing out! It’s 3 AM here, I guess my eyes start to get sleepy :slight_smile:

You should have kept trying 2 years ago. Now the competition is 10x worse.

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Have a look at:
See the bottom FAQ

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I turns out that I found fiverr on 2016, which is 4 years ago. And yes, I feel I should have done things differently back then. But well…