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Logo can Promote as a Fiverr Freelancer

As a freelancer, anything you can do to develop a brand. Logo is one of them.

An eye-catching and colourful logo is key to developing a brand identity that you can promote online. Develop a logo that represents your style. Having a visual symbol for your brand is a surefire way to create a memorable connection with your potential clients.

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Good advice. Also, since there are 71,951 Logo design gigs, you will have many to choose from! :wink:


Oh my God! :rofl: @vickiespencer

That is why you need to research your competition.

Demand only exists if the supply does not exceed it. There are more logo sellers than people buying logos.


True. But if you can create a logo for your own and show it to buyer, buyer will attracted to you.

You are only allowed show it to a Fiverr buyer if they reach out to you. And they aren’t going to reach out to you unless they can discover you. And they can’t discover you if there are dozens of thousands of sellers selling this same thing.