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I have purchased a couple logo design gigs and I’m not getting something that speaks to me, while the samples provided by the sellers looked to be in alignment with what I’m hoping for. I find going back and forth tiresome and would like to request a logo design and have designers submit their work to me for which I can then purchase the file from them. Is this possible? When I setup a request I’m only getting sellers who want me to buy their service, but I don’t want to go down a dead end again. I’d like to just purchase something if it catches my eye. I understand not all designers will want to take time to design something with the risk of not being paid. Does this option exist? has anyone done something similar?



Reason :[quote=“grow4fit, post:1, topic:132624”]
not all designers will want to take time to design something with the risk of not being paid.


Fiverr is a service marketplace and it’s the buyers choice to choose who they see fit to work with.

I’m sure you can find a website that offers this, at a premium price of course.


In that case Fiverr is probably not the right option for you. There are plenty of websites that sell logos that are already completed. I’m not sure if I can promote these here, but if you google it then you’ll find those sites. (Although most likely you’ll pay more, you won’t get away with $5)


Agreed with @uxreview.


Well… i think you just selected a begginer one Lol hahahah
My advice is when seller had a logo gig then look for his/her another gig if just 1 gig logo gig then thats a begginer one. Or you can read his/her client feedback


As a graphic design expert in app designing and website development
A logo is worth 10 to 20 dollar
A profession advice
A 5 dollar logo is like a child drawing


Well, actually a good, professional logo can be worth thousands of dollars. Fiverr logo gig prices are not necessarily indicative of real world value. :wink:

Even a $10-$20 logo is extremely cheap.


May be hire a person on upwork with 100$/hour rate. Another option is buy 10 gigs of 10$ each. Tell them each and every detail in detail. You never know when magic happens.