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Logo Creation & Copyright Infringement


I am posting a graphic design gig for marketing materials (flyers, postcards, brochures, etc…)

I have made logos in the past and am considering offering this as well, however, I want to ensure that my logos do not inadvertently create copyright infringement.

I do design the logos myself - I’ve used various free elements & icons from for example Canva and arranged them myself from my own creativity. I reverse search using Google Images to make sure there aren’t duplicates out there. Is this sufficent?

Does a simple reverse search help from copyright infringment?

There are so many similar free icons out there. Even though I make sure that I add and edit any free elements/icons that I use from Canva, Spark, etc…I understand that if a logo looks very similar even if it’s not exact it can constitute copyright infringement. I just want to make sure that I am covering my bases before offering this as a service as I do not want someone to buy from me and then have a lawsuit on their hands down the line.

If nothing comes up after a reverse search is it safe to say that my logo is safe to send for the buyer to then copyright themselves considering I’m using legal free images, elements and icons?

Any tips are appreciated!!!

There are a bunch of free online services that track logos with copyright and you can check if one of yours is identical.

Thank you for your attention!
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@linasusana The best and safest way to ensure you are safe is to create a logo using a blank canvas.

Here’s an example: I created the bottom design and reversed search nothing came up…but the element I used as the foundation when reverse searched by itself came up as the top logo. The element is licensed through canva. What would the copyright law be for an example such as this?

I think this one is clear. The original designer of that drawing clearly forbidden any modification or use of her work:

You may NOT use these digital files to:
• Share, sell or distribute the digital file in part or in whole in any way. This purchase DOES NOT allow you to sell, provide, or give away the files as-is, either alone or in a bundle along with other files. Doing this under ANY circumstance is prohibited.
• Upload this file to any print on demand sites such as but not limited to Cafe Press, Zazzle, Amazon Merch, PRINTFUL, Printify, etc. I do NOT allow this type of commercial use of my designs. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a potential collaboration.
• I do not allow my designs to be sold as transfers or sublimations without an additional license which can be purchased here.

You shouldn’t have even used this even slightest in your design since it is not a free sketch or icon from stock footage sites with CC0.


You need to be careful when providing photos.
This is the photo you are looking for and the one you can use as inspiration:

I got the orginal design which I added to from Canva which states that all of their elements are licensed to freely use. It looks like the Etsy seller also created hers from Canva. These are the elements that people are able to create flyers with through that platform…could you explain what you mean? perhaps I’m missing something

Ok. I didn’t realize people could steal designs and upload them to canva to be available through their elements section.

Logos cannot contain elements from Canva’s image library, either free or paid, as per section 4i of our license agreements. However, basic shapes, lines, free fonts and our pre-made logo layouts and the elements contained in those layouts may be used in logos. You’re also welcome to use your own elements that you upload to Canva to create your logo.

Your client won’t be able to trademark logos that have elements from the internet.

Logos and banners posters are not the same things. You can use everything from canva in the poster. the poster can not be trademarked, registered and has an expiration date and limited edition.

Logos are a permanent representation of the company. Completely different law and regulations area.

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Ok I did read this. I understand now. Because this was found in the elements section with shapes, I was unsure as to whether it counted as a free stock image found in their photos section. Per my understanding, this could be used as a non-trademarked logo, but as you said not able to be trademarked.

Thanks for your help

I design logos but I know I will never sell any organically here on Fiverr due to unrealistic number of “designers”, plus I do not fall in the “50$ per logo” sections.

I would recommend you that if client specifically ask low price you tell him logo will be created using stock icon as in whole or as inspiration. If he want something that can be trademarked you will create logo from zero and it will be at Thisthat price.

And on another note, I see all kinds of potential problems for you in both of your GIGs.

This is what I get when I type in I would like to order 60 minute video.

and 180 minute video transcription. Fiverr has problem where in Gigs like this where buyer can type in it changes the amount but not the days and timing.

You should study in greater detail about GIGs and how to make them safe for you.

And don’t ask me for guidance because I have to renew all my GIGs and just the though of that is driving me crazy because it will take me two months of research and making things before I can make new Gigs or change current ones.
It all comes down to hard work.

That makes sense.

With all this considered, in your opinion is it wise to offer graphic design as a Fiverr gig?

I’ve use Canva, AdobeSpark & Pixlr Editor on behalf of businesses I’ve worked with in the past. But even with the Free Licensing Agreement there are certain restrictions.
I’m also unsure as to whether I would be violating the re-sell restriction for creating flyers on behalf of someone else…even though I’ve seen many Fiverr gigs posted for Canva creation. Starting to think I should not offer this as a gig.

Thank you for pointing that out. I had thought I placed a time limit for all my packages. You’ve been very helpful. Best of luck

In my opinion I am lost like a banana in a jungle at the moment…

I made my GIGs 3 months ago and I have now level2 status and I want to create more gigs, but I also want the entire portfolio to look more professional and that means detail overhaul of every single gig. i have to make new videos for everything, new photos, new designs, new description, taglines, keyword research, name of the gig…

As much as I like the Level 2 status I wish I knew certain things 8 months ago.

The whole point in making on Fiverr in the graphic design section is quality of work and communication. Most of the clients I got and have are with me because of my communication skills, and then after that my design work. And also sticking with the relatively normal prices I am comfortable working for. First I placed my logo design at 5$… it lasted 30 minutes and I realized, there is no way I will work all that has to be done for 4$, I changed it at my regular price 390$. I would rather have one good client than 30 crazyones who want miracles.

I definitely respect that 100% and congratulations on leveling up…In 3 months too! That’s goals

Best wishes to you in the overhaul. You got this <3

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