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Logo design, Business Card, flyers and more ! Offers for new business or existing ones!

I can make personalized offers if needed.
I can cooperate for a better work. We can exchange ideas and more !
There’s an offer for everybody.
I am doing simple intro video for gigs too !
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Welcome. Just a small point that you may wish to consider. In your profile description you say “as good as possible”. That would not inspire someone to buy from you so maybe better to leave that out. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello and thank you, i’ll consider that ! :slight_smile:

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Just saw your gig. Please consider following

  1. Your title needs more keywords
  2. You should update your gig twice a week
  3. Your gig has no gig intro video. A gig with the intro video, sells 22 times more than a gig without intro video.
    You can see the example of gig intro video here.

If you are interested in getting a gig video, please feel free to contact me on my fiverr profile

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@ziqbal1212 Thank you for the help ! I am currently working on a video for my gig and i will consider changing my title. Thank you ! :slight_smile: