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Logo design, but this time it hurts

I knew there are all kinds of logo designers here. But deep down, I hoped that what I have imagined being worst is the end. It doesn’t go any deeper than that.

But I was wrong.

From 10 of my orders, 9 send me logos they obtained here. And I explained to them just everything that is wrong with it and how to fix it (in inbox). Later on, they hired me, and fixing was included in the price.

Logos had errors in typography, kerning, corners, fi (diameters), etc. But overall, if you squeeze your eyes and look from far, good decent logos, just poorly done in Photoshop.

This morning I woke up to realize I have order from buyer who did not contact me before. Usually, I see all the errors in the inbox, and I tell them what needs to be done before they hire me.

He sends me a description of what he wants and also logo file (since that is a mandatory requirement for my OBS live stream overlay GIG).

And the logo is, well, beyond horrible.

You can’t fix it. You can’t do anything to it.
I tried incorporating it in my file, and obviously, it looks horrible. I explained to the buyer that I am sorry, but the logo is not done by someone with any kind of skills (I used better description, more sensitive). He then told me he purchased it here two days ago. And now I can feel in the tone of his messages that he is angry and sad he was scammed.

On the other end, I am sorry that he lost his money, but I can not do other people’s work for free, and he doesn’t have a budget to pay again for the logo.

I think he will either cancel or be very disappointed with me in general. Kill the messenger sort of speak.

I am OK if either happens. I will gladly accept the cancelation and losing percentage or even getting negative feedback.

It is really hurtful when there is literally no excuse for this. You have a lot of online completely free full courses on Adobe illustrator and how to start with logo design. Plus, you can learn there and use a free program such as Inkscape, and you have a lot of tutorials for it.

On the other hand, I had a client whos been talking with me yesterday, a big project, a similar issue with logo, but his logo is good overall just lacks final touch.

To him, I send this short story:

I do not know do you have this story in your culture, but in the business, it is very famous.
A man asks for a craftsman to come and fix something in his home.
Craftsman comes, takes a good look around for five minutes, takes out his hammer, and hits three times. The problem was fixed. The man asked: “How much?” Craftsman: “300$” Man: “300 bucks, all you did was hit with hammer?!?” Craftsman: " Yes. But I knew where to hit."

That’s the situation I get all the time with clients who come to me to fix other people’s work.

I am profoundly sorry you wasted your budget, and now you are stuck with nothing.

But I can not do my job for free. I am already down by 750% here on Fiverr of my standard prices.


It took me 15 minutes to write this so I am not sure did you read all. I do not care about either bad review or cancellation, I am sorry for the seller that was scammed.

People being scammed hurts me, not money or Fiverr profile status.

I will not fix the issue since he doesn’t have any more budget.


He might be able to get a refund if what he received doesn’t match what was advertised in the gig description. Does he know that?

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Since he doesn’t have more in his budget could you offer to fix the logo instead of creating the OBS overlay (I don’t know what this is) since it seems to be more important?

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Yes, but you as seller know how that process goes. The order is completed, he accepted the delivery.

He has no idea what vector is and the only reason he accepted my claim the logo he received is bad because I zoomed in 1000% and showed him the lines (if I could only share that photo here, forget GD skills, even a kindergarten kid would say that horrible).

He never asked for vector so he doesn’t have a vector. He never said to the buyer that the logo is garbage because he only saw a fancy mobile phone size image. But the moment you zoom in a little, and then more and more.

It is not a drawn in photoshop logo at all-

It is a logo that you get when you badly screenshot something on the low-resolution screen and then use online tracing and then turn all that into a bitmap image to cover the bad parts with blur effect you have in the bitmap.

It is just wrong in every way, shape, and form.

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@ducktheunicorn Logo is beyond fixable. It has to be recreated and my price for company logo is not 5$ so I can’t help him.

He can still go through customer service to get a refund on the logo design. They’ll review the order files and may issue a refund.

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@hamza1424 What are you saying? What post did you read? There is nothing in my post that you are writing. He doesn’t want to scam me to do work for him for free. He’s the one whos been scammed.

OK, you know what, I am done replying to you. You missed absolutely everything from what I am trying to convey here.

I am Sorry @marinapomorac . I am taking back my words.

You’re a good person and a credit to Fiverr. Honest, with principles.

But you should care about your stats. You’ve invested so much time in creating and maintaining your Fiverr profile and gigs, please protect that investment.

By the way, nice story about the hammer. I’m going to remember that, and use it myself sometime!


@english_voice I never said the story is CC0.

You owe me credit :smiley:

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@ducktheunicorn He can’t because of the reasons I mentioned before. He never asked seller to give him vector, he never complained logo is bad. the only info he has as a civilian that me, a professional is telling him the logo is garbage. But he doesn’t know me so who’s to say I am professional, maybe I also want to scam him to pay again for same logo.

How do you know I am trustworthy?

My knowledge of proper English doesn’t automatically make me decent honest person.

Order completed.
I vectorized the client logo but did not ask for extra or mentioned that I did it in order communication until he accepted the delivery.

Left me 5* and tip.

And now I have another order.

Karma knows how the world needs to treat her.


Send the original logo photo. I want to see how bad it was

@guymastrion I can not do that since that would be highly unethical and unprofessional but what I can do is since part of the logo had wifi signal and that is pretty common I can share that and it will give you an indication about the rest of the logo.

You can imagine how I felt when I zoomed in. And this is original file, I did nothing except invert colors.
I mean, draw three circles and cut them. How hard can that be in paint?

That’s a very janky wi-fi signal.


I absolutely love that story and reply. Good for you for sticking to your principles and insisting on the quality of your work! I admire you!

You know what needs to be done, so do it with integrity and at a cost that represents your value. As a fellow freelancer, I printed this out and put it on my wall:

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