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Logo design contest cryptocurrency


Hi guys

Especially if you are interested in cryptocurrencies then I have an interesting contest for you with a good prize (until January 29th). I’m just a part of the community, not involved with the team but I know they are serious about the prize and everything else. There is more information to be found in this link:

My own thoughts:
Personally I really like the original symbol (you can look at their website too), but it’s a bit too simple like a clipart, but of course, the logo can be whatever you think looks good, like of a sun in the middle of the universe kind of logo, or something else. Don’t know how to do that though. But I think the logo should be simple, but still stand out, easy to see, and if the symbol fits in a circle it’s perfect, cos is it’s kind of a crypto coin (the symbol don’t need to be a coin though). And something a bit business/company like. “Worldwide Instant Transactions” could be an alternative slogan. 3D effects can be nice, but keep it simple.

If you have any questions, just ask me everything. Btw is their website.