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LOGO DESIGN GIG dead end - delete?


So I know my two logo GIGs are just a waste of space on my GIG analytics page but still, I did some research before I delete them or push them aside with new GIGs so if you are a graphic designer and you want to start selling exclusively LOGO services here is what you should consider:

Fiverr has 48 GIGs shown per page. 166850/48 = 3476 pages of results.

Fiverr system doesn’t go beyond 22 pages.

So we have 2790 pages of new sellers.
319 pages of Level 1 sellers.
368 pages of results for Level 2 sellers, and 9 pages of Top sellers.

So if you have LOGO GIG like me and if you see any number above ZERO under impressions and clicks it is purely out of this world miracle. That means they actually rotate 166850 GIGs daily.

Without constant rotation, there is absolutely no way my GIG would be visible ever amongst the first 22 pages out of 3476.

And last info, at the moment there are approx. 89000 New sellers in Logo category with Zero orders in their entire profiles.

So the moment you create the logo GIG you become 89001.

If we apply business logic to this, logo service could be your main service but it will not get orders so you should not focus on logo GIGs if you are a new seller. Orders in logo sections are pure wonders.

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It goes up to 26 pages for me, but yeah.

I guess it’s just what happens when there is a huge influx from third world countries where “quantity trumps quality” is the motto and template work is a quick and easy way to make money. Market is oversaturated and filled to the brim since it’s also a field anyone with a cheap PC and free graphics tools can pick up.

Also, where did your pretty selfie go? :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Thank you.

The moment I changed profile photo, they started addressing me as “guy” and “he” in reviews even though I introduce myself properly.

I changed it since I do not look like that any more; I gain weight, and looking at my skinny version, I felt I am misleading my clients.
I said I would put it back once I reach that weight again.

I was going to delete my logo gigs, but I did the research, and if I understand correctly, if I make 20 gigs and for whatever reason lose level status, I can select which services to pause, so I will just pause them in that case.

I have a vision of expanding my services, and it involves buying premium accounts on a lot of sites so that will be a longer process.

But it really wonders me how I get any impressions at all with 3500 pages. That alone is evidence rotation works.

If you have a logo gig and you get one impression, it shows the rotation of the gig is real. If you are indeed on the last page, your impressions would be zero.

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I do have some reviews in which the buyers have addressed me as “they”.
I am an individual not a group. :smile:

Although the gig title begins from “I” : I will __________
It’s doesn’t begin with “We”: We will ___________


No, it is not. 180000 people with GIGs and I get 40 impressions and 5 clicks which is amazingly impossible.

I did not say rotation works as in you get orders. I meant rotation works because if there was no rotation there is absolutely no way that my one GIG out of 180000 would ever get views.

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