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Logo Design Gigs are getting banned for copyright violation [SCAM]

Hey guys, Do you have any experience with this copyright violation scam? Newly created buyer accounts place orders on logo gigs. Seller provides an original design. Buyer gets the design. Then they upload it to a new website which created using a free template. Obviously the website is created after they got the design. Then they report the gig to Fiverr CS including that website link as the original file of the design. Seller gets banned for copyright violation.

If anyone faced this please comment!


I have not had such a problem yet. You can talk to your senior trainer. :sleepy:

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To whom this happened? Provide evidence, sample of logo and webpage created afterwards so I can look is the logo really original, since 80% new graphic designers are not graphic designers but scammers.


Happened to some Sri Lankans I know. And yes one of my friends got their account back because the website is created afterwards. :slight_smile:

Today it happened to me. No replies from the CS yet!

You’re not a logo designer :smiley:

Because of fraudulent sellers Fiverr is also attracted by fraudulent buyers to do their thing here.

If you really create original work you have nothing to worry about. Fight for your rights!