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✔ Logo Design gigs on fiverr (website logo, business & product Logo ect)

Hello Friends,

Here is my new gig on fiverr. I also added a video here. Would you please check and comments.

"I will design a transparent logo for your website, business, product, facebook, twitter, youtube with 3 samples and 1 revision in 1 day for $5"

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Hi Regmebd, may I get a few tips regarding logo creation firstly? What’s the most improtant things for a logo when you design them? I now have two choices in my logo thing, one way via some free logo creating solution, the other is to have a designer to make it. In the first way, I have more room to design following my thoughts and can change a lot in the process. While for the second way, I see substantial expenses plus expertise designs. What’s your opinion toward these two and what’s your recommendations?

Hello joicegear,
I was just reading forum posts and notice your comment. Your thoughts are very logical.
Obviously, why you should hire a designer to Design a logo where you can get a logo Designed for free by yourself!!
Answer is simple,
The logo making solutions are a kind of premade template for different industries. You choose a category of your industry and the logo maker shows you thousands of Pre-Made logo templates.
Now note that, these logos are not unique. They are a very old logo templates designed by some Expert designers. Some particular shapes repeat again and again. And also, these logo makers don’t know who is your target audience, where you will use the logo, how it will interact with people, what color combination make what psychology etc etc.

Well here comes the Real Hero!! An expert Designer. A professional designer will not show you thousands templates. Rather he will show you 4/5 concepts with a specific number of revisions.
But a professional Designer will do huge research on your company personality and on your target audiences. He will find out what LOGO will catch your potential clients. What color combo they may like.
Where you will use the logo, Is the logo versatile, will it look good when printed in T-Shirts, will it look good in business card, Is the logo easy to remember???

Also, a professional Designer will make thousand of sketches before going to the final design, after sketch he will try to test it if its versatile or not! And the color combination!!! OH MY GOD!! As a branding expert, it is the most tough part in my Designing Process!

Because, we all know color creates mood. So a designer need to think how a non-designer will feel when he or she see the LOGO.

This is the reason why people buy logo for even $5000. In our beloved Fiverr our pro designers do a great job. And they charge a very high for their Designs.

Hope this answers your question.

If you want you can check out my gigs also…!!


Thank you so much!

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