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Maybe smoothen out the emboss and check what that green mark on the red bit is. Also there’s no branding what so ever, I have no idea what this logo is for. Maybe university?

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500_F_102517057_4Tedp0gKwCkWwu54kKni0GZ0DqIWe5MY It is copied from google. you just changed color.:face_with_monocle:


Unfortunately not copied well either!

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I don’t know what sellers are thinking these days? i have reported like 20+ profiles in last month for copying someone’s portfolio. Why it is so hard to sell something original for them?


Irony : OP has written ’ next level of creativity’ in his fiverr profile bio.


I guess some people try to cut corners. The idea is, I can copy that easily so I am going to use it as mine. I also found out many ‘logo designers’ don’t even design anything, there are websites out there with ready made designs that they can customise and sell. They pay a fee for it and sell it for a higher fee here on Fiverr.


Simple thing which they do not understand. You stole someone’s quality work, use it in fiverr portfolio.Now buyer sees that and orders gig expecting they will get the same quality but that does not happen as it is not your work which is in your portfolio, so client gets mad and leaves negative feedback and that is gonna affect your carrier on fiverr,right? instead they can get good sale with original work.


thanks … kezarpro

After Somedays I think I will change it to ultimate level of creativity

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Just so that I am fair I found that ‘winepearl’ logo on google too, so maybe you’ve made the same mistake at some point?

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Please discribe this please hellooo

I am not really anybody’s friend here, the truth is you shouldn’t have copied something and claimed it as your own. If the ‘winepearl’ logo is copied then the same goes for that too. People put in hard work and effort into their work, come up with new ideas and put in the work yourself too.

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no problem

All I know is you are human like me

i would love to see that, please can you attach link or image here please.■■■■■■/WEYxnVTWxYyW3imZ6

:joy::joy: That is mine, go to that link, it will lead you to my fiverr profile. i just changed colors and mock up few days ago as i was thinking red was not looking great :slightly_smiling_face:

this is not your fiverr profile at all

That is my logo, i was using that before in profile here but changed color and mock up to make it more attractive.

there is no link of fiverr