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Hello everyone,

why does everyone here call themselves a designer?! When all they do is use custom Logos to build on.

I clearly stated that i wanted something fresh, welcoming and unique. I gave the people designs to work

with and even then their final results that were delivered were absolutely shocking. Obviously i will not receive such

work for $5 or even $10 but even online i tried out a special offer for $150 where the results were identical.

Please tell me that there is someone out there who actually knows what they are doing… Or is this just the wrong platform to work with?!

Reply to @sincere18: Indeed its time consuming method but working

I am a professional designer, and I always deliver custom work. Let’s not assume every designer is bad, merely because your experiences with a few were less than satisfactory.

Keep in mind too, any design process between a client and a designer is a partnership. The professional designer brings his/her skills and visual know-how to a project, and combines that with what the buyer is looking for. There has to be some give and take. If you expect a designer to match your vision exactly without room for professional input, you’re probably going to be unhappy with the results.

I would think that if designers here on Fiverr are matching the results of a $150 service elsewhere, that would be a good thing, right? You’re getting $150 quality for $5 or $10… I’m not entirely sure what’s bad about that?

Fresh, welcome and unique…those are all generic words in the design world. A designer at the level you are wanting to work with, would probably be asking you more about your businesss, your goals, who your target market is, there would be much more of a level of discussion, but that costs real money…did you provide any info along those lines? And what kind of “design” did you give them to work with?

NOw as for the term “designer” that has shifted in general in many industries and merely means they know how to use the technology to create the element in their medium. Anyone who knows Final Cut Pro for example can call themselves and editor, but they may know abosolutel nothing about real editing. The key is to actually “interview” people if you will. Did you talk to any of the sellers before placing an order? Did you ask to see, or google to see any live portfolio pieces, their work in action? Did you ask them or read over, what kind of educational training and professional experience they have?

These are all the ways to tell what level someone is working at. Someone who had a degree from art school, who worked as a creative director for an ad agency, etc., etc…you hvae to do your due dilegence depending on what level work you want. Part of the problem is that for many people those template type of logos ARE enough and they like them. People don’t understand what goes into a real solid logo.

On another note, how often have you bought creative gigs in general (from Fiverr or anywhere else)? Buying a creative piece of artwork takes a skill unto itself to be able to communicate what you see in your head and what you verbally tell someone, and then if they understand it. Also, it’s best to hire someone who will deliver 3 concepts, do 1 round of revises to 2 of them, then another 2 revises on the one you select.

I think it is all subjective. I am sure people look at my work and go, “what in the…” but I also have just as many who adore my artisan designs.

So sorry you haven’t had great luck. Hope you try again and hit the jackpot!

it happens some times not only buyers disappointed some time sellers also disappointed to work with buyers. the best way to get a good unique design is first consult the buyer tell your demands and then do order save your time and sellers time as well :slight_smile:
Every one here has something unique in his/her designs and its not the wrong place but may be you choose the wrong one. :slight_smile:

@mistert1980 Well I do agree with you that there are honestly some downright bad logo designers here, but it’s different when you’re expecting a really high quality logo for $5…

Anyhow, there are designers here that really are good. You really have to look for it and search more. You can even filter out the levels and order from those with higher levels if you’re looking for someone with a reputation already…(But of course there may be some undiscovered new sellers out there with unique talent…)

Anddd… even before ordering you can actually also check the seller’s portfolio and can actually tell from there if the work he produces is quite generic or just not for your taste… You can even message the seller beforehand for more samples if you just want to be sure of yourself.

Fiverr is wonderful. I’ve been here for 2 months as both a buyer and a seller… And I’ve received a couple of disappointing work from sellers… But there are also ones that were golden!

You’ll just have to utilize the search box to the best of its ability. I hope you find the right logo designer soon… :slight_smile:

Hey @mistert198 if you still need some help fixing the unfixable let me know I’ll send you my portfolio.

Reply to @jonbaas: Agreed with your reply.

Reply to @johndoe88: you shouldn’t really offer to do the work and then have a buyer place the order, you should consider only doing jobs that someone pays you for first, that is how it is supposed to work.

Reply to @sincere18: Tru dat

Reply to @johndoe88: yes, but giving a personalized sample that you make custom for someone even at small size, now they can take it somewhere else and get someone else to recreate it.

But if your method is working well for you and you are getting all the orders, then stick to it.

Reply to @johndoe88: well at a certain point once you have a few more orders and reviews, you will start to see that doing that is not worth your time. Although if everyone who you do a sample for buys the gig, then it’s not time consuming it’s just what the actual gig work time is anyway.