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Logo designer i need Help

i need help im new freelancer
I’m a professional logo designer with more than 7 years experience in this world of graphic design.

Alright then… If you’re a professional logo designer, where’s your logo design gig?

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thank you so much for reply
plz check my profile Gig

I did. That is not a logo design gig. That is a logo embroidery gig.

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Can you help me?
im Embroidery and vector logo Designer

You have asked for help, but you have not stated what you need help with.

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I want to give you work, I will do it well

If you wish to hire a seller to “give them work”, you can so so by clicking the buy button on their gigs.

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but Sir i am new i have no experience Freelance ineed rating star

Then you will have to gain some experience by connecting to your target customers, and convincing them to hire you. No seller is going to give you their hard-earned orders, just so that you can avoid being a freelance doer, and earning your own.

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You claim to be a pro with several years of experience, but seeing how you are responding to Jon and also seeing youtuber’s Larissa DSa’s image being used as one of your sample images makes be wonder if you are capable of offering decent level service…

If you want help, you’ll need to set up a decent gig first, and after you have done everything you
can, then you can come back for additional advice.
Saying “give me work” is not asking for help, it’s just begging and that’s not professional I’m afraid.