LoGo designer N writing


Hi frnds… I m very new on fiverr My self Naina Kasaudhan…I :heart:️write Poem , quotes, slogans N many other things… My writing skill is good…N i m very creative my LoGo design is very innovative N unique…:star_struck:


I beg to differ. I see many spelling errors in your post above. That does not support your claim that your “writing skill is good”. Perhaps, what you meant to say is that you are a skilled writer. Which would, unfortunately, be untrue.


Maybe she is a skilled writer, when writing in her own language.


Perhaps. However, she does list English as her only language. :wink:


Welcome to Fiverr. Think it would be better to just offer your logo designing gig as grammatical errors will put buyers off from buying a writing gig. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I can only offer advice on the forum. Suggest you create your own post under your own heading and those who choose to will be happy to help you.