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Logo designers : do you use paid fonts /paid effects in your designs?

Commercial licenses cannot be transferred if you use paid fonts in your designs. If you create a design a logo with it and sell it, your customers will have to purchase it as well in order to use the logo.

I have so so so many paid fonts that I love. I have used them in my designs on several occasions, giving my customers the choice to use and purchase them. In most cases they love it as well and do not mind paying for it (of course to that artist, not me).

Is there anything wrong with this? Do you use paid fonts/effects in your designs?

In the past i have used paid fonts (not on fiverr though). Now when i need a custom font i use font lab to create my own. Good font design software does cost a bit and it does take a couple of days to master the software but in the long run you will save allot of money + you could also sell custom fonts.