Logo Designing being copied form free logo making websites


I believing in the fiverr community logo designing creativity engaged 4 gigs for logo designing and hoped I will get logos hard to choose. The whole system of fiverr to complete the order and move to next one / fiverr overall system not allowing buyer not to accept low quality make do kind of work by placing a time linked completion of order if buyer does not respond is just slipping into low quality work.

Yesterday after feeling disappointed with 4 gigs in logo designing I reached into free logo makers which allow you to make your own logo but you have to pay in case you need to download it.
As a novice I was able to make 10-12 logos on various free sites and in few of them came across logo suggestions which look suspiciously close to some of the work spurned up by the 4 gigs I have engaged.

Apart from being short changed I feel this is an indication of things to come - most logo deginers have access to pre-made vectors which they are just pacing, saving files and sending it off within 24 hours


They probably are!

If a Fiverr seller offers this service it’s saving the buyer the time they would have used to do it themselves.


Try to choose seller which does not offer a professional logo design for $5 :slight_smile: Should contact before order and ask if they do custom designs.


Important difference! :wink:


It’s already here :slight_smile:
If you need a logo for $5 then quite often you’ll get something that’s built on a template. As long as there’s no copyright issue there’s nothing wrong with using templates.

If you need a unique and a professional logo then you should probably start at $100.


I chose 4 gigs basis their displayed work because I wanted real creativity in my logo.
Yesterday when I visited the free logo makers some of the logos I had received from these people felt so close to ready made vectors.
There is compulsion in the model for people to send a order completed status because everything thereafter is revision.
I may not be a voice but if it is happening as a trend it will reflect


I had engaged at varying rates
USD 40, USD 11, USD 5 and turns out that USD 11 is best of the lot so no pattern in what is being said


3-4 orders won’t give you a pattern :wink:
I’ve ordered about 150+ logos from various sites and it showed me that you need to invest at least $100 to get a decent logo that actually matches your brand

That being said, you can get a good logo for less, just need to do more research


I know the logos I got were manually created because the words and images were all crooked and off center.