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Logo designs 3d logo designs web designs

How to get quick buyers and five star rating


I don’t know, but as you’ve posted in ‘Tips For Sellers’ I’ll wait for you to tell us! :grinning:

Alternatively, I could move your post to ‘Conversations’ and see who responds.

Another possibility would be for you to have a look around the forum and read what others have posted.

Good luck! :sunny:


How do I get to the conversation forum


Don’t worry - you’re in it - I moved your post for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a very broad question. You should narrow it down.

I noticed you sell writing gig, as you only have one.

Why does your title say “Logo designs 3d logo designs web designs?”


I also sell logo designs also

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But you don’t have a logo design gig.

Can you post a link?

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Dont know what I did with my mobile app gigs that just only one my gigs that is showing. Surely have got a gig for logo design you could check again. Thank you

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Here you go.

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Use your own photo, not a photo of the actor Jeremy Piven (or any other person who isn’t you).

Offer only things you’re really, really good at.

Write your own gig descriptions, instead of copying others.

There are other things, too, but this should be a good start.

Thank you very much would get my gigs in other and put back my logo design gigs and my personal photo if it would help