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LOGO Files not received

After a few revision I agreed on a logo I liked. After I completed a review the order was marked as complete. The only file available for me to download was the original example with my logo on a stack of business cards and the sellers Top rated seller badge. How do I request a resend or refund and how long will this process take??

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The seller should have delivered the complete logo file when he/she delivered your order. If he/she did not do so, then he/she has broken the rules of Fiverr. I recommend contacting the seller, and asking for the file(s) he/she should have delivered. And if he/she refuses to do that, either take the matter to Customer Support, or ask for a refund/cancellation.

The seller is legally and contractually obligated to deliver what you ordered.


Your seller may have worked long and hard on your gig and accidentally sent the wrong file. I hope this is the case and you can contact him/her and get your logo soon.

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Maybe you can start contacting your seller and ask for any clearance about this case before you ask for refund.

Because there is a chance the seller get busy or maybe had some unexpected thing to do.

If you are not in hurry maybe you can wait for another 1 or 2 day.

If you need it in hurry maybe you can ask for Fiverr support or use the resolve button.

Hope this help

If the ordered was marked completed by the website after you send the message, he might have not received the message. Just send him a message letting him know you like the logo and would like the files.