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Logo Fraud by Cyber _Avanza

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Few days ago I went through this site and have seen something interesting by getting assistance logo design for my clothing brand. I had to come across a logo designer by name *********** And contacted him for my logo design which He advised me to pay the cost through the site with 20 revision so he can design for me in 24hrs. I described through chat with him how my logo should be designed which I wanted a “black panther” with a text under the logo “The Vass Empire” which he accepted. We coninued with contacts through chat and the next day he delivered the Logo without AI Extension file and I requested revisions and we went through 3-4 revisions and whenever I needed more revisions out of 20 revisions he started to say “it will take time” which I thought ok may be he is very busy and occupied by doing a lot of logos within 24 hrs so I took it easy and approved and downloaded my logo and left a very good comment about him.
After few days I had a doubt with my Logo that *************** designed can be not genuine which I came to see online that he copied a black panther and text somewhere exactly and modify a little bit then sent to me. I have contacted him direct that “ I am very disappointed that you didn’t design my logo you copied somewhere and took my money, I therefore need my money back or I will expose you everywhere or redesign my logo again. He replied immediately that “ it wasn’t me who worked with your logo, it was my employee but I promise you I will redesign again myself and send it to you” after I sent the my logo that he claimed that his employee designed and which site he stole the logo and I thought to give him a chance again and told him to send me AI extension file also when he is done and he accepted. He has also sent me a private email to insist that himself will work with my Logo. He was supposed to deliver yesterday and only sent 8 files of just pics of my logo and disappeared never replied never contacted me again. Now my question is , is this how Fiverr treat, ripping its customers? Is this how Fiverr takes someone’s else’s work and present as if it has been created by Fiverr? Think about how many customers have been ripped this way by *************? How many customers pay to Fiverr for their logos and next day they realize that the same logo was designed few years ago and belongs to the company? I have all the files Incase of anything.

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DO NOT approve anything once you receive a project back, wait until you are completely satisfied.
I just received a complete shit project back and I immediately rejected it. I want ALL my money back

I think that was the first mistake you made, approve shit work.