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Hi! This is my first time using Fiverr and I have a situation that I’m not sure what’s the best way to handle. I ordered a logo for my company and after some guidance, my artist designed something I really liked. The problem is, a friend told me the logo seemed familiar, so I did a little search on google, and found out he used an image from a free vectorial database that Adobe has. Which means that literally any company can have the exact same base than I do (he modified some stuff but it’s still noticeable that it’s the same image).
Is this allowed? I feel like I want my money back because I lost the trust, and I don’t want to use a logo that could get me suit, regardless how much I like it. Has anyone have the same experience? Thanks!

No getting answer from Fiverr regarding refund
No getting answer from Fiverr regarding refund

Hi. As a first step, you could simply and politely tell your artist about your concerns; if the base he used has the needed permissions and it’s legit, he should be able to point you to an Adobe link or something proving that he has the right to use, modify and sell it.
If it´s legit and you really like it too, there’s no reason to lose trust. If he just brushes it off, avoids to answer in an evasive way, you always have the option to go to :arrow_right: customer support, but I’d give the seller the chance to prove it’s all okay first, if it is, before losing trust or asking support. Hope that helps and hope your logo is all fine to be used.


The previous post forgot to touch on this point. If you feel like this will bother you in the future (it sounds like it already does) then ask the seller to make some changes. I agree to contact the seller first, and calmly express what you are concerned about. CS will help if you do not find a resolution with the seller.


I have a suggestion, again you need to talk your seller and frankly contact with him and explain everything you face what kind of problem. Then you tell him change his design and submit redesign.

If he fail, then Contact to the Customer Support for help.
Because, sometimes its append mistakenly, if, when you have same the spelling or 1st letter of the word had same of other logo word letter. Then the designer who design that logo like Typography logo creator he try to your logo to use 1st letter of your word for design. Then it be create problems.

I think this time it can be solve this problem with change by the brand color of your company.
Thank you for share this important problem. Which can help Other.

If my suggestion is not helpful please fix my topics …