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{LOGO GAME} - Release your imagination and creativity

Greetings, Fiverr designers! :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Proofreaders and writers had this Simple Word Game related to fiverr

Comedians and entertainers have this Emoji Game Round 4! :earth_americas: :beach_umbrella: :watermelon:

And I noticed (couldn’t find) there is no similar interactive topic aiming at graphic designers.

I was drawing my new portfolio logo, and while I was waiting for the rendering of the 3D mockup to be finished, I played with two parts of the logo. In 10 minutes :clock2: , I made what you see in the image provided.

So, what you need to do if you are interested in participating is to make sure that you have 10 minutes (no longer) available in your schedule to participate.

** :arrow_right:** RULES

  • Open the SVG file I prepared (every day I will give you a new one).
  • Create whatever you want with the two elements in SVG
  • YOU CAN duplicate them as much as you want/need but DO NOT:
    • Resize them in different proportions (both has to stay in the same ratio)
    • Reshape them
    • Modify them in any way other than move, duplicate, and rotation
  • After 10 minutes (not longer) save PNG file of what you have and publish it here



If you like someone’s design, use the HEART feature, do not post text replies.

THIS IS MEANT TO BE FUN CREATIVE GAME not for you to go extravaganza by posting something that is obviously made in over 10 minutes.

If you are MOD and you do not like this, DELETE the topic or ask me to DELETE it.

Thank you.

Kind regards.

Here is your SVG file for 02/06/2020 or for some 06/02/2020 or TODAY = Game 1 drawing
The NEW SVG will be posted tomorrow around 10:30 UTC time if this topic receives a positive response.


Hey, I made that game, and I am neither a comedian or an entertainer. :thinking:

However, I am a proofreader and writer. :wink: So, should I have been playing the Simple Word Game related to Fiverr .

Your logo game looks fun for creative people that can make logos.


I didn’t know how to label people for Emoji :smiley: And I find you entertaining so don’t give up on that option either.

But from the look on the response here, and all the graphic designers swarming in, I just might remove my description as graphic designer, and maybe I can say I am a professional banana peeler.

Naw, juset add the word ‘logo’ to the title. There are plenty of logo gigs on Fiverr, so you should have lots of interested people.

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You say, I obey. We shall see.

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how does one rotate in inkscape?

3 toe recordings. i used paint shop pro 9, sorry for the mess

3 sloths


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I LOVE IT!!! When I paused after 10 minutes I was like, there is 1000 things I can create with this, ideas were just appearing in front of me, and so silly, just two shapes.

Thank you so much for joining in. I feel so much better now.

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Fibocci attempt.


This one is harder. If I could only use CUT or recolor feature potentials are infinite, but here are the challenge shapes for today:Game 2 drawing

After 9 minutes I was heading in the right direction but time was out.


Ooh, I gotta try this! (only just found the thread)

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Please do join and thank you. I am not allowed to post after myself so I am waiting for someone to respond so I can post new task tomorrow :smiley:

Figured I’d do ‘day 1’ as a warm up, and I’m glad I did, cause grr controls.


You can open this file with anything. Illustrator can open SVG files. And if you are not using illustrator just put on the end of the file .pdf or .ai or whatever you want.

That is why I love to work with Inkscape, it covers them all.

Adobe I is just shape builder tool.

And time up.

Phew! Looking forward to the next one!
(Just noticed one of mine was similar to one of yours!)


I have order to handle right now, but as I promised every morning around 10 (well my morning :slight_smile: ) I will give new shapes.

I hope more people will get involved, since the number of GD is quite large.

I love the first one in second row. I would separate them just a tiny bit further away and you have perfect simple logo for BAT protection society or foundation or anything bat related. vampires…

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Good morning.
Today we have an easy one. Moon Crest.

And here is the vector file.
moon crest game 3

Thank you all for participating!!




I just joined two squares together.

Missed the second day but the last design was begging for it



Broccoli, or nuclear explosion.


I kind of like the ‘grapes’.


gee i wonder where that moon came from ^^

diamond fanny and luna

diamond fanny luna

those grapes are awesome