Logo makers who apply to Buyers Requests


I just uploaded a BR.
Stated precisely what I needed and added to put “Peanut Butter and Jelly” in the application so that I know that they read my BR to the end and didn’t just randomly throw out their gig.

I’m sifting through over 50 replies. guess how many included that “peanut butter and jelly” to prove they took the time to read the BR?


This is what is wrong with fiverr buyers AND sellers. Impatience. Wanting everything quick and speedy.

Remember if you’re slower and more correct, you may exceed your expectations far, far more than moving at light speed and missing the important details.


with a :baseball: bat.


@djgodknows THAT gif is precisely why I wanted that phrase! LOL


I would use some fancy German words as key, like:


Posted as JPEG, so the one who writes it back correctly gets the job :+1:


@wuerz123 you’ve won the internet today.


Oh… it’s just too much caffeine :dizzy_face:


Did you finally place an order or was it just for fun and games?


order is placed and they’re working on it. :slight_smile:


That’s a nice profile photo of yourself :wink:


Thanks. Someone got huffy with me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry if I came across as too harsh, I’m here to help out and in all honesty, you’d do better this way :slight_smile:


you wasn’t, I was frustrated because I didn’t feel like I was getting my point across.
As a victim of identity theft once before, I make very d*mn sure I have rights to something. Comes from 20 years of journalism and authoring, too :wink:

You’re cool. No worries.


“identity theft”

That is One of the many reasons I don’t use a personal image as my profile photo but rather my company logo.




Hey I only stalked you that one time. JUST ONE TIME. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Oooh my God! Does this German word have a meaning?


i was the one to type this lol :slight_smile:


you didnt placed the order on my gig:)


I don’t think it is impatience. I’m willing to bet a huge portion of the sellers that did not reply specifically to your BR, are the people that use stock (or stolen sometimes - someone has to say this) footage for their portfolio, and there is a chance they would simply mass produce the logo you want without tailoring it specifically to your needs.

I guess that is the main difference for a logo created for 5$, and a logo created for 20 000$ in an agency :slight_smile:


Of course, that means: law for the delegation of monitoring beef labelling :+1:

If you understand a little German it’s not really complicated, they’re just several words put together:

Rindfleisch - etikettierungs - überwachungs - aufgaben - übertragungs - gesetz