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Logo not delivered in the style advertised? (Answered )


Not sure where to post this, but I’m wondering whether I’m eligible for a refund, if the delivered logo was in a different art style that was advertised?

I’m afraid to buy a $100 service, if I will get something I did not want.

Does any buyer have experience with this? Is Fiverr quick to issue a refund in this instance?


Have you asked the seller for a modification to your delivery? That’s the first thing to do.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Usually sellers on fiverr do provide Refund if you are not eventually satisfied but incase if the seller refuses to refund, you can file ticket and hopefully within 2 days you’ll get refund in your Fiverr balance

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Refund is possible but not guaranteed. Its 50/50, customer support will side with seller/buyer, depending on situation.

If what you get is poor work but the seller delivered what was promised via gig page, chances are support will side with seller. If the seller delivers stolen, plageriazed work and or rude/abusive, chances are support will side with you.

My advice, when you find someone you like, order a small - easy project for $5 or $10. That way you can test their communication skills and work ethics. If that goes well, then order the $100 or more gig.

Warning: Logos are the most stolen, plageriazed and/or poor quality gig on 5r. There are way more unqualified sellers in this field than any other. That being said, there are some really, really great ones too - you have to dig deep to find them.

$5 won’t get you much. $60 could also get you stolen from 1st page of Google image. Don’t base quality on price but rather sellers ability to communicate well. Some are taught to give buyers short answers so you won’t know how bad their communication is.

Edit: I am speaking from my experience.


Looks as if you are yet to buy this gig but wants to be sure of a refund in the case of dissatisfaction with delivery. Firstly, there’s no reason to be pessimistic about your dealings on this platform except if you’d had a bad experience previously. There are good logo designers here, you just need to be guided in your choice. When you want a logo designed, its more about the clarity and details in your specification/description and not necessarily the Seller’s advertised style. However, if the Seller advertised a logo which you asked to be used as reference, then Seller is bound to deliver in same style.
I don’t know the sophistication of your logo but $100 is quite high though not unusual. In the case of dissatisfaction with delivery, you may request for modifications or request for a refund as the case may be. Your success at refund would most likely be a function of the strength and logic of your argument.

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Okay, so to summarise, these two posts should help:

as it seems you haven’t yet purchased anything. If you have purchased, and need your delivery modified, please ask the seller through the resolution centre.


I have had one bad experience that I had to correct with another seller. It was for far less money so I didn’t demand a refund.
Before buying I have contacted the seller. I have specifically attached the sample work that the seller supposedly did and told him I want a caricature it in this style. The seller said no problem and delivered a poorly drawn caricature in a obviously different style.

Even today I’ve found a seller that has showcased his work. The first three images on his gig was in one style while all the other images (what buyers actually received) were in a different style.

The thing is that I really want them to use that one style and not the other. Do you think CS would issue a refund if that wasn’t the case?

If the seller hasn’t delivered what was promised, then yes, you are entitled to a refund.

Just use the resolution centre on your order page, and either ask for a modification, or cancel the order. No need for CS at either of those stages.


Thanks to everybody who chipped in. I will probably order a logo here but I will be extra cautious.

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If your requirements are clear but Seller obviously lacks capacity to deliver, even after several requested modifications, then you have a strong case for a refund. The ultimate decision lies with CS. Be assured of their fair judgement.

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