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Logo Placed (I will design smart logo for your concept)

Please give me a chance to prove my self. My design will be eye catching and unique and will be in high quality. I’m sure that you will surely enjoy my friendly services. . I am new on Fiverr kindly give me one chance to prove my skills
Bundle of Thanks

But, all of your logo examples on your logo creation gig are copyright images. In some cases, they’re famous logos! You’ve got Marriott Hotels in there, Experian, Holiday Inn, Java…

Why are all of the examples in your portfolio logos that other people have created? Aside from being a blatant breach of copyright and trademark, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to show buyers what YOU can do.

You really need to remove all those images ASAP and swap them for logos that YOU have designed.


Hi there @logoplaced Welcome to Fiverr and the community. Glad you joined the family.

Don’t want to ruin your day…BUTTTTT… You’re using copyright material in your Gigs. You’re risking to be banned before you even have made your first penny??

Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto