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Logout automatically from Fiverr


I have a problem occurs.
I am log out automatically from Fiverr and it happen multiple times in a day.
I want to know if this happen to anybody else and what will be the solution of this problem.


I only get logged out if I shut down my computer.

I have heard that clearing your browser of cookies may help. :thinking:


Hi Vickie!!

Don’t be so sure. I thought that too when first joined Fiverr and kept doing it for months. And what a surprise I got one day when I saw myself online without being logged!!! Since then, I always logout before turning my computer off.


It used to be like that for me. But I have noticed if I forget to log out and then need to go back to check something I always need to log in again. I wonder why the discrepancy?


Everything is possible, even the impossible, in the Fiverr Universe… :sweat_smile:


I went blank again :rage: The good news though, is I took a look at my profile before logging in and found myself offline :blush:

It seems Fiverr might have solved the issue :smiley:

On the forum, I was kept logged :roll_eyes: :thinking:


Reset your browser and try again. May solved the issue. Thanks