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Long Rant on Varied Issues

This is what i wrote to fiverr,I was going to start a production company as a entrepreneur and already had started working on it.I travelled to Mumbai to gain more skills by paying them from the professionals who are already working for media ,army, entertainment industry. I was going to travel to Mumbai again on 1st march but on 7th feb after getting the denial message i have to cancel tge trip. If i have a no source of income i cant waste tge money.

Read my previous mail where i said i had nothing for 3 years, i can’t live like that again. Getting a job in a 3rd world country is not easy as you think.
I always respected you but you are not realising what you are doing.It will be a long message but I have to say everything now. I have less evidence but I will show and tell everything truthfully , it will be stupid for me talk anything which is not true right now even I have never lied to any officials of fiverr nor to buyers, whenever I faced any issues I told them the truth and asked for some time. Below and attachments are the evidence provided.
I don’t know why fiverr is doing this but because of this website today I know what I am and I am capable of. In the real world it is true if any want to have a living you need to have a real job.I 100% agree with that. But for that firstly you need professional skills and you need proper knowledge on that. Think of you learn in a college which is not good then can you expect to have a proper job or any job on that field in future. The college from where I have passed out is not good, named “Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering”. This will become something discriminating but since I was asked to do skill work this is the truth. I came out from a reputed english medium school so I was well disciplined and was good in communication but when I joined the college my education,discipline,communicational skills everything went down. The teachers even don’t know how to talk in english, they just talk in their self made no grammer english language and the teachers who were in the higher posts did not allow the college to have any principals. Don’t you think every college should prvide jobs after graduating but this college didn’t.Infact they said adobe is coming for providing interviewing students for jobs…LOL… And I cannot change my college after investing so much of money. Secondly you need to have a desire to work on that skill. Say you love software engineering and you are working as one for a company and you are progessing, now avoiding what you love if you are send to do accountancy job will you like it or will you ever progress that much if you were doing software engineering job? the same thing is for me. I never wanted to learn engineering nor medical because of the lack of oppurtunaties and options I had to join an engineering college and I never liked it. I just wanted to do something different. You may think maying a video and earning from it is so simple i.e he is saying but it is not. We have to think a lot for our marketing , we have to look on the behaviour of the market, have to understand the phsycology of the customers desire without letting the person know,even when do something wrong we have to present our project in such a way they love it. There are a lot of mind,phsycological marketing goes on behind a video and all that we learn from ourselves by working more and more. I don’t how it is to someone but it is a big thing for me when I am doing a business and which I love it. Sharing a gig in social media wont bring any customers,it may bring for some, but for me it wont work as the place from I am from and the people who are connected to me in FB they wont help. that’s why I barely shared on fb and tried to think on different way which actually helped me I will come it later. Also it may seem that going to the jungle and jumping around is so easy to talk about. First of all a person need proper confidence to stand in front of camera and talk or act and that is not a jungle that is small place which we show as a jungle , we have never shown the place behind the camera , it is a whole colony of people. So do you think it is so easy to do those sort of things in front of camera while s many people are staring at you laughing,passing comments or doing something that we sometimes have to stop the record?
My main desire is to be good in parkour, it is a beautiful thing,it’s not fliping and jumping over building or stunts , those things are done for publicity,it’s something different it’s hard to tell in words. So whatever I am not at all that good as you see in youtube videos, I am simple. I used to be in a group but that group broke so I do alone. The place where I live is hard to have a partner and even if I get a partner there are lots of things for which it is better to do alone. One of the issue is people here knows and understand and thinks that they knows everything and are capable of everything , which in real world not true and leads to a wrong path. So to be properly trained I have to practice almost everyday even if my moves are simple. And it’s not just a jump that I have to do, behind a jump there goes a lot of training of muscles for execution,landing,safety and for that I need to train and strengthen my muscles in that particular way by joining a bodybuiling gym. For which I get the support from fiverr. You may have heard about MUMBAI,INDIA. It is the most expensive place in INDIA. Mumbai holds some of the well known and well parkour educated parkour practioners.
You may be wondering because he loves pk we can’t let him go on on fiverr. But no that is not my point, look what fiverr has made me from no one to someone who is trying to open a production house. When I started practising alone I never thought I will be planing this. Fiverr made me to be confident in my work whatever I am doing does not matter, which in turn gave me confidence in parkour and for my desire to grow and because of fiverr I managed to travel to a nearby city of mumbai to gather more knowledge and to know more about it from them. I want to convert my love of this thing to a more productive way, I want to use it in any content produced by me like stunt production for a content and for that I even managed to get a place where this production is possible and talked with people from whom I can buy in cheap the items that I need for stunt production. Still I managed to get a place that is now more important for me. Since I make stupid funny videos on fiverr I also want to grow this thing into a big comedic prduction too and for that I will be using the same place. And all of these went possible because of fiverr. The working of the plan has started and it is on 20% or 30% reach. So because of fiverr see what I am trying to do a stunt production+comic production combing two it will be a comic stunt production, that is what exactly I am trying to do. Now dont tell me there are no need of entertainmet in the real world, everyone takes entertainment from something, I am not good but atleast I am trying to create something to entertain or make people happy by following all the rules.
Tell me is not fiverr shaping me from crap to something useful and productive? I told you earlier I have to think in a different way rather than sharing gig on social media. Which resulted me greatly, may be on august someone shared his order to a german website, I got informed by a buyer a lot later, which resulted in big traffic in my account. Kind of a similar thing happened when one of my order got shared by a customer to someone. Who then found me on my youtube channel and said the person liked my energy,desire so the person started training me how to act in a comical way. I can not share the details of the person as the person said. I can only show a chat of the webcam that the person bought me so that I can train online.
So is it just a simple video making ? a lot of things got shaped and under process only for fiverr and everything will stop at that place and fall when it gets stopped. I will have nothing. I had nothing in my life for 3 yrs after graduating it’s fiverr who gave me.


Hello, I see you only have one gig now. I guess you had some removed.

I’m so sorry you had gigs removed and I sincerely wish for you to find more ways to sell on fiverr. It sounds like you have a good spirit and you will succeed. Sending you positive thoughts and energy for prosperity and happiness. I know you will do well in spite of this temporary setback.


OP no longer on Fiverr.