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Long time account and NO order. Why?


Hi here, I created my gig in December 2016 and not getting any order till now. Please can I have best suggestion from people here where things need to get adjustment?



Hi there!

This might help:

Also, adding more gigs - you’ve only got one, and using an image which isn’t a stock photo.

I’ve moved your post to a category where you might get some more help.

Good luck!


Check your profile description. You have some errors here. :slight_smile:

‘‘Hi,am an Article Writer and SEO content expert with over 6years of experience.If you have a burning questions on how to proofreading and editing Web Content,scripts,e-books,project,? Want Articles for your blog or business? I will help you by providing quality work.100% Guaranteed!!!’’

People cannot take you seriously as a proofreader if your own description is full of grammar mistakes. Once you correct them, I’m sure you’ll start getting orders. :sunny:


Your profile picture is a stock image and your English suggests you’re not from the “United States” either.
Try some honesty.


You should do seo for your gigs also You can promoted gigs outside fiverr like Facebook advertising etc


Thank you for taking time to check out my profile and providing such a
feedback, I am appreciative of it. I will follow your suggestions to make
my presence here more worthy of its essence.
I do all possible in a short while to render good services to buyers


I suggest that you fine-tune your English skills. Even native English speakers don’t talk or write like this. Trying to be fancy, and sound cleverly articulate, is likely to backfire on you. Buyers are wary of sellers that do not communicate in clear, easy to read and understand English.

Don’t try to be something you are not. Be honest. Be you.


Yes , i agree with you :smile:


Your one review links to another account offering the same service and with a quite similar username.